Honeymoon in Vegas

I orginally wanted to have the biggest party ever for my 30th birthday.  But after I started thinking about it more, I decided that it would be way more fun to go on a vacation… just me and Ger.  So we were planning on going on a Mexican cruise sometime in early October and leave the kiddos with the grandparents.  But, since Geric just got this awesome job, he can’t just go in there and say, “Oh, by the way, I need to take a week of vacation in a month.”  That just looks bad, don’t you think?  So, we thought we would still go on a cruise for five days in between Church on the Hill and Water of Life, but then I realized that’s the week I go back to work.  That looks bad too, don’t you think?  “Oh sorry, Boss, I can’t make it to work the first week of school because my husband and I are going on a cruise.”  So, that plan was out.

We decided instead to take a short trip to Vegas.  Since it’s going to be shorter, we can stay in a really fancy hotel, like the Trump Hotel!!  Five stars, baby!  I’m super excited, but it’s kind of like Stef had said, I would sleep on a bathroom floor if it meant a vacation without kids.  Well, maybe not a bathroom floor, but you get the picture.

I have a really cute dress to wear to dinner one night.  (Anyone have any suggestions of a good restaurant out there?) And I think we’re going to see a show, not sure which one yet.  And we’re going to SLEEP IN!!! HEAVEN!  And we’re going to lay around the pool all day and not monitor anyone wearing floaties!  Yay! 

We leave on Thursday.  Just wanted to share my exciting news!

3 responses

  1. You are right… sleeping on the bathroom floor may not be ideal :). I am so excited for you !!! Have fun… and get a ton of sleep!!! Take a good book too…. say one about vampires and werewolves… 🙂 Oh… if you go to the Monte Carlo (I believe) their pool has this river type deal… get a raft, your book and coast along the little river thing… I am so Jeolous!!! Have fun!!!

  2. Praise the Lord for vacations! May I also suggest Casino Morongo for an overnight sometime. They have a glorious pool with a lazy river, an awesome buffet and great room. Also, if you like dancing there is a club upstairs. Thats a good one for a night, and close to home. BUT DO VEGAS!

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