Viva Las Vegas!

Oh, we had such a beautiful time in Las Vegas.  It was really hard to pack up and come home.  But, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.  So, I’m sitting here in Riverside writing this post.

We left on Thursday after dropping off the boys at my MIL’s house.  We stopped for lunch in the Village and then it was out on the open road for three and a half hours.


When we got to the Trump Hotel, my jaw seriously dropped.  This is the nicest hotel I have ever (and probably will ever) stay in.  We got a sweet deal on  It’s a website that I found while I was researching different prices and stuff.  So we paid a three star price for a five star hotel!  Sweet!  The hotel was set back from the strip, but in walking distance and there was no casino inside, so it was quiet and didn’t smell like smoke.  In fact, the smell in the lobby was absolutely delicious.  At first I thought it was the fresh flowers but then I asked someone and I guess they have a floral scent flowing through the air conditioner.  It was lovely.  Even if you never stay there, you should definitely go in the lobby and take a big whiff.

When we got to our room I was so excited!  My voice got all high pitched and I ran around looking at everything.  It was just so pretty.  I was highly impressed by the bathroom and I decided that if I had to, I would probably sleep on the bathroom floor, just to experience the joys of that bathroom.  There was actually a TV in the mirror and a giant jacuzzi tub and a giant standing shower.  It was so cool!!!!

DSC01906 by you.

See the TV?!?!?!


The room was incredible too.  It was huge and we seriously could have lived in there.  There was a little kitchen area with pans and a spatula and a blender and a toaster.  There was a flat screen TV and books about art and pretty vases and stuff.

DSC01909 by you.

DSC01910 by you.

I could have just stayed in the room all week and been happy as a clam… but we didn’t!

The first night there we got all dressed up (which is so much easier to do when you don’t have two toddlers vying for your attention) and we ate dinner at the top of the Stratosphere like Alisha had suggested… although it was much more pricey than her mom had told her.  (Spank Mickey’s hiney for me, Lish!!)  The view was incredible.  We got there right at sunset and the restuarant rotates so by the time we were done, we were looking at the strip all lit up.  Afterwards we went up to the observation deck to observe.

  DSC01923 by you.  

The next day we hung out at the pool pretty much all day.  It was really nice and relaxing.


And look what I started reading (all you obessessed Twilight fans!)  You’ll get my review in another post when I’m done, buut so far I’m half way through and I’m not as sucked in as I thought I would be and I actually find the characters to be a bit annoying.  Sorry.  I know I just totally bummed you out, Rachel and Stef, but I can’t lie.

DSC01946 by you.

That night we got all cute again and we ate dinner at an italian restaurant in the Monte Carlo and walked down to the Bellagio to see the water show and the Eiffel Tower of Paris.

DSC01948 by you.

Afterwards we went and saw the Cirque du Soleil show, Ka.  It was INCREDIBLE!!!  I was gasping and saying “Oh my God!” during the whole performance.  The imagination of whoever produced that show is amazing and the performers are so fantastic.  I was seriously blown away!!

The next day we hung out at the pool for an hour before we packed up (all the Trump toiletries) and headed back to the IE.  I missed my boys so I was happy to see them.  They survived without us and only made one trip to Kaiser when Caden jumped off my parents couch and landed on his head and started vomitting, but other than that I think they were fine.  🙂 

I was telling Geric today that I think that trips like that are really good for us.  You don’t realize what a stress kids are on your marriage until they are gone for a couple of days.  It was so nice to only worry about ourselves and relax and enjoy each other’s company for a little bit.  Now we just have to get back into the swing of things.  Back to the grind.


6 responses

  1. I’m so glad you had a wonderful time!!! It’s nice that you have a built in tourist trap a few hours from home. It makes quick escapes more affordable. I am still looking forward to a getaway with my hubby sometime in the next 17 years.

    Okay, so I am rereading Harry Potter because I wanted to be able to do a real comparison to the Twilight Saga, and I have never read the 7 books straight through. I am somewhere in book 5 right now (my least favorite) and I am more convinced than ever that I prefer the Twilight books. I prefer Meyer’s writing style, her character writing, and well vampire human romance! I’ll be interested to see how you like it after you finish it. I love the HP story, I am just getting irritated that I have to read through the description of Quiditch and the Defense against the Dark Arts teachers office in every book. Oh, and Meyer has the first 12 chapters of Twilight with Edward narrating on her website if you are interested.

  2. That was awesome! I agree about the time together part! It’s such a Joy being with your husband alone! I’m glad you guys had so much fun! You both deserve it1 Happy Early Birthday!

  3. Bella does annoy me too! 🙂 But I still like the easy read. Did you know that Twilight is a fourth grade AR book? HA!

    It looks like you guys had a great time…. I am so happy you got to get away!!! How fun!

    See ya soon

  4. You don’t like Twilight?!? The horror! I guess you can’t come to see the movie with me then. I liked the first and last books the best. I can’t believe Twilight is a 4th grade AR book!

  5. Sorry kiddo about the price. But you look freakin gorgeous in all your pics you. I would put that phrase they call hot moms but I think it would be inapropriate. But really you look good.

  6. What a great trip! Wow . . . nice hotel! My weening time is coming up . . . in a few months, so I need to plan a hubby/wife trip too . . . hmmm, where shall we go? I’ll check out that website you mentioned.

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