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  1. You are opposite of us. During the winter I use an electric blanket and Ryan sleeps with his shirt off. Summertime we have the fan on but I’m under the covers and it’s really annoying that he’e not cuz he pulls them out of the corners by his feet and eventually the ends on my side come untucked too.
    You’re the first girl I ever heard of being hotter than her guy – wierdo!

  2. Kyle and I have the same problem, except I’m cold and he’s hot, except when I’m pregnant then I’m always hot. Because I think it’s easier to get warmer, then to cool down, we set everything for him and I just use extra blankets. We throw our comforter in the corner at night and use fuzzy soft blankets. We have several so we can each use as many as we need. They are for one person, so there is no problem in the middle of the night if one of us rolls over. You can find really soft cuddly ones on sale at target, mervyns, or kohls for around $10.

  3. Erin you crack me up! We have the SAME PROBLEM up here at the Hardwick house. Joshua will be sweating but insist that he is freezing and needs 5 blankets on his in the middle of the summer. Maybe we will try individual blankets …

  4. For me it’s not about being warm. It’s about the weight on me. I can’t just sleep with nothing on me. Even when I lived in Saipan (near Guam) where it reached high 90’s and 90% humidity I had a down comforter to help me sleep. I discovered this when I was in high school and I would lay on the couch reading my world history textbook. It was 30 pounds on my chest and eventually I’d fall asleep. My mom, thinking I was having trouble breathing, lifted the book from my chest to put it on the table, and I would instantly wake up. To this day I place a large book on my chest to take an afternoon nap.

    Trivia time: Saipan, an American protectorate-part of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands just west of the deepest part of the ocean (Mariana’s Trench 7 miles deep), was the Guiness world record holder for most consistent temperature for 5 years, only waivering by 10 degrees.

  5. Bryan and I have the same issues. He sleeps with several blankets/sheets and I have the fan on me with the window open and i have one separate thin blanket I only have half on me for comfort, not even warmth. 🙂 Bryan always says its freezing at night and I roast! 🙂

  6. You CRACK ME UP Erin! This is SO very common…in the summer, Ken and I switch bed sides so I can be by the window and fan! I’m with Gina…give my the refrigerated section!

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