Before you begin reading, my deepest apologies to Rachel, Stef, and Jessica (AKA The Twilight Fan Club.)

I finished reading Twilight today.  WARNING:  If you haven’t read the book and you plan on doing so, you might not want to read this post.  I’m going to try not to ruin any plot lines, but I can’t promise anthing.

Honestly, I hated the book for the first 300 pages or so.  I know, that’s a long time to read in order to give a book a chance, but so many people had said that they LOVED it, so I was committed to finishing it.  Anyway, just to sum up the first 300 pages for you, Bella is extremely clumsy (beyond any realistic teenage girl I have ever encountered… she trips over just about everything; pebbles, small roots, cigarette butts, you name it, she’s flat on her caboose).  Edwards voice is very “velvety,” his smile is “gleaming white,” he’s “beautifully sculpted,” and any contact he makes with Bella feels “icy.”  I’m telling you, the author was seriously getting on my nerves with the repition of these adjectives.  Maybe I’ll think about sending her a thesaurus.  

Once I hit page 300, the plot started warming up (instead of us just living in the mind of a boring teenage girl.)  The action started and it was good, but it was pretty pedictable (nothing like my favorite, Harry Potter…  I miss you, Harry!  *sigh*)  The author eluded to the fact that Bella might die at the end, but I was thinking “Hello!  There are three more books.  I highly doubt she’s not going to get rescued by her velvety voiced hero!”  And I’m not going to ruin it, but I might, or might not have been right.  But I’m usually right. 

So, while I’m not dying to dive into the second book, I might if I’m bored.  It was an easy read.  And It was mindless entertainment while my kids are squirting themselves with the hose in the backyard and I have to sit out there with them.  We’ll see.

3 responses

  1. I think we hyped it up to much for you. If you had just picked it up and read it without our input, I think you would have liked it more. I am typing on my icy, velvety, sculpted computer right now!

  2. I think Jessica has a great point… here here JEssica…

    I must say that having read the three books in order… I do get tired of the SAME adjectives… you made me laugh on that point… you are right… the next book you really get to know Jacob and I like him!!!

    I love your honesty! You make me laugh

    Oh and BYT… I am now at your table at mops… a girl wanted to join my old table but there was no more room and I said I would go sit at whatever table she was at and it HAPPENED to be yours 🙂 hahahahaha

  3. They are utterly predictable, I just don’t care as long as I get my Bella-Edward fix. If you go on, I would recommend not reading the preface, It totally ruined the third book for me. I was about 200 pages ahead of the characters the whole way. But I loved everything about Twilight, because I loved watching Bella falling in love with Edward.

    That being said, I had never read the Potter books straight through. I always just reread the last book before the next one came out. I started rereading them a few weeks ago and I want to scream at Rawling for all her horrible repetition in the first 100 pages each book. I finished book six last night and seriously was reading through tears through the last section (from the cave on) I laughed out loud at other parts, and re fell in love with my second favorite series of books all over again.

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