Not how I thought it would be

Yesterday was our last day at Church on the Hill (COTH.)  It’s really no secret that I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be there when Geric got the job, and honestly, I don’t know if I ever found my place.  So, you would think that on our last day there, I would be ecstatic.  That I would be doing cartwheels as I left the sanctuary.  That I would be sticking my head out the window of the car blowing kisses as I told Geric to “punch it!” and then screech off into the sunset to our new church.  But that just wasn’t the case. 

I was actually a little sad yesterday.  I was thinking about the first time we went there are how different things were and it’s just sad to see what has happened to the church.  I told Geric that it kind of feels like we’re leaving a sick friend to die alone.  It’s really sad.  I said goodbye to the pastor’s wife, Mary, and I got all teary eyed.  It’s hard to be in her shoes right now.  It just looks like everything is falling apart and it’s really sad.

So, after I said goodbye to the ugly green carpet in the sanctuary, the donuts that greet us every Sunday after church, and the weird smell in the gym, the sweet people at COTH had a goodbye potluck for us.  They prayed for us and said a lot of kind things.  Here’s some of the faces that have been in our lives for the past two years.

 DSC02050 by you.

DSC02038 by you.

DSC02060 by you.

DSC02059 by you.


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