Our First Family Night

In the same way I get hooked to reality TV, I get hooked to blogs by people I don’t really know.  (Come on, admit it!  You see the first episode of the Bachelor and you just gotta keep watching to see who he picks!)  It’s the same way with blogs.  When I’m bored I bounce around to different blogs and when I find one that peeks my interest (usually because they have kids that are the same age as mine or they are a pastor’s wife) I’m automatically hooked and I keep reading.  I’m totally a lurker, and I’m not ashamed!!!  🙂

Anyway, I found this blog through Jessica’s blog.  She’s a pastor’s wife and her son is close in age to my boys.  (Plus, her husband totally reminds me of Jake, so I kinda feel like I know her.  I think it’s because they’re both bald worship leaders… not the wife, the husband.)  Anywho, she has been writing about the “Family Nights” that they do once a week and I thought it was such a brilliant idea that I wanted to try it out for myself.  I don’t know what it’s like to be married to a man that’s not a pastor, but Geric works a lot of odd hours and has a lot of events and people call him all the time because they need him, so I thought it would be good to have one night dedicated to our family.  If you decide that it’s something you want to try you should totally check out her blog becuase she has some really good ideas.

The theme for our first Family Night was Water Night!  I figured, it was Geric’s first day at work at Water of Life and we wanted to celebrate, so water it was! 

During the day, the boys and I watercolored placemats and hung blue balloons (water droplets) over the table and made cupcakes that we would turn into “water cupcakes” for dessert.


When Geric got home we changed into some water wear (swim suits… but not me!) and had dinner which was chicken lettuce wraps with water chestnuts, watermelon, and sparkling water. 

 DSC02067 by you.

DSC02071 by you.

Afterwards, we ate our yummy water cupcakes.  That’s an octopus on the top!

 DSC02065 by you.

DSC02081 by you.

Then we went into the backyard for a water balloon toss.  Caden wasn’t too thrilled at this point (and it was actually the beginning of a meltdown) but Geric and I had a lot of fun! 

I think our first Family Night was a hit!  You should definitely give it a try at your house!


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  1. We love our Family Night. We’ve been doing it a few years now. It started with just our immediate family but after just a couple weeks, we invited both Todd’s mom and my mom. When we have company like Todd’s family from Boston, we never cancel Family Night, it just turns into a BIG Family Night with everyone. To make food easy, each week, we rotate who’s in charge of dinner and we choose a different local pizza place and have pizza and salad. We don’t do themes but it’s a game night and we play board games or a card game. Sometimes during the summer, we do concerts or movies in the park, or even the Upland Farmer’s Market since they fall on the same night as our Family Night, but usually we are at home. It’s awesome and I look forward every week (not only to not having to cook) but to just spending time with the family. Especially with the grandma’s since everyone is so busy, we know it’s important to make this time a priority.

    Your Chicken Lettuce Wraps look YUMMY…can I get your recipe?

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