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  1. That better be your christmas card photo! Yeah Ryan and I had so much fun! Jared stayed at my moms that night and told her he was sad he missed the fun times.

  2. Look how skinny you look with that cupcake in your hand. So jealous! Can’t wait to diet! Pray I can nurse it all off! You know, every year we go to the fair, and every year we say “lets not go next year”, and then Sept. comes and we say “hey, are we going to the fair this year?”. By the way, did I ever tell you about Jimmy’s horrible port-o-potty experience at the fair? Well let me. Last year we were walking at the fair and Jimmy had to step into the portopotty. Not to pee, just to make an undie adjustment. Then he came out with his hands up and screaming “is there Shit on me?!” Well there was. On his back. Someone had poo’d and rubbed it on the door, so when it closed behind him it got on his sweatshirt. And not just any sweatshirt, his FAVORITE sweatshirt. So he took it off, rolled it in a ball and we debated its demise all the way to the car. We thought we could take it to a laundry mat and clean it, they were closed. We put it, (Jimmy said his name was Wilson, you’ve seen “CastAway” right?) in the trunk and took him home. He threw it away and then after some tears (seriously, tears!) he took it out and thought he could wash it off and save it. Then with the lights on he unrolled Wilson and realized that the poop bandit had eaten roasted corn. Wilson met his end that night and to the fair we may never return. Good times huh?

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