Ex-Scrappers, this is for you

Look what I found!  I was starting to feel bad that I blog and I don’t scrapbook.  I mean, all of Jacob’s “baby book” is here.  I stopped filling out all the blanks in the real book awhile ago.  I also thought, “When is the last time I printed out pictures???”  That’s terrible!  What’s going to happen when my boys grow up and get girlfriends?  We’re all going to huddle around the computer and look at my blog?  That’s just weird.  I need a hard copy.  I need something I can sit on the couch and browse through and reminisce.  That’s when I found this.

It’s a website that prints your blog into a book!  How exciting.  You just download the software and then it looks like you can be all creative with your layout, but it’s your blog in print.  Awesome!  Maybe I’ll print out a couple years at a time?  Maybe one year at a time?  Am I going to end up with 50 blog books?  That’s not cool.  I need to think about this.  But it’s still super cool.


5 responses

  1. I’mn scrapping this way using this smae sight right now! I’m doing my whole year… didn’t know about the blog thing though. Thta maybe easier next year! Thanks for doing the research for me!

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