My Jesus Moment

“Mommy. Open yo’ eyes!”

That’s what Caden said this morning at 7:30 when he woke me up.  So, I opened my eyes and saw his cute little face.

“Mommy, I eat a cupcake now?”

That just melted my heart.  I pulled him up to cuddle with me for a second before our day started and I told him, “No, silly boy.  You can’t have a cupcake for breakfast.” 

That little conversation reminded me of a sermon I heard in the car the other day.  (Yah, I’m gonna get all spiritual on ya for a second.)  The pastor was saying how we need to be able to go to God with anything.  How sometimes, we try to take care of all the stuff that we can, and only go to God with the big stuff.  He compared it to his relationship with his kids.  He said that they are not afraid to ask him for anything, silly or not.  And we should be the same with God. 

I think we (or at least, I ) tend to forget that God is in control of everything, even the small stuff.  And in the same way my heart melted when Caden made his silly request for a cupcake breakfast, God’s heart melts when we make our “silly requests.”   

On the same token, I don’t see God as a big vending machine in the sky that is only there to fulfill my every want, but I think He delights in us going to Him and sharing our desires, even if He is going to say no. 

Just a little Jesus moment.  Had to share.


One response

  1. You should have given him a muffin …. heeheehee…. have you seen Gina’s blog post on JIm gaffigan and the cake… OMG I peed my pants laughing…. check it out if you have time

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