Family Night #2

Since summer is almost over, we decided to go on one last vacation for our second family night… camping in our backyard!!! 

Here’s my disclaimer before you contnue reading: These pictures make it seem like things went incredibly smoothly, but in real life it felt like the exact opposite.  We had a couple of meltdowns and a few time outs and some brotherly brawls.  We had fun, but I’m pooped!

Okay, so this afternoon the boys made some binoculars to look for wild animals during our camping trip.  During this little craft I learned that I am a bit of a control freak.  “Art is art, there is no right or wrong.  Let them create,” I kept telling myself.

DSC02083 by you.

DSC02088 by you.

When Geric came home, we all went in the backyard to set up our tent.  It still had dirt in it from the last time we used it… 2004 in the Grand Canyon. 

DSC02090 by you.

We ate dinner in the tent (or course.)  We had chili dogs and chips.  Yummy!  Jacob was fasting tonight.  He does that from time to time.  He’s spiritual like that.  Oh, and Caden was in his underwear by now.  He has a hard time keeping his clothes on in the backyard, little Jungle Boy.

DSC02095 by you.

DSC02097 by you.

After dinner, we listened to all the croaking frogs of Riverside (haha) and went on a frog hunt.  Jacob would walk right up them, do a little dance, and laugh at them, but not pick them up.  So, Caden won!

DSC02098 by you.

DSC02103 by you.

DSC02106 by you.

Then, we went inside for some microwaved s’mores.  They tasted just like the real thing!

DSC02109 by you.

So, we had another successful Family Night, but like I said, I’m exhausted!!!  For some more great ideas, check out Whittaker Woman’s blog!


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  1. Did you guys sleep in the tent too? Mike has been wanting to do that with Aubrey all summer and now it is practically over. Maybe I will leave this post up on the screen so he can see it! It looks like a really good time. I was brought up to never have food in the tent so that made me cringe a little, but it looks like it was mess free. We had a family clean the house day today. Now that is a lot of fun!

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