You know what’s not fun?

Going shopping for clothes as a family with two kids that haven’t napped.  What were we thinking??? 

Geric needed some new clothes and he had some birthday money left so he said he wanted to go shopping today.  Shopping?  My favorite pastime (before we were broke and I discovered blogging)?  I’m in!  We got the kids ready and headed out.  I thought he’d want to go to South Coast Plaza like he always does, so I figured the boys would sleep in the car, like they always do.

I was wrong.  Geric wanted to go to Ontario Mills (which I rediscovered today… and I love!) and the boys did fall asleep in the car… for the whole twenty minutes it took for us to get there.  Nice nap.

We stopped in Banana Republic first and we did pretty well in there.  (By the way, it’s the outlet store so EVERYTHING was on sale.  I was practically drooling.)  Caden decided to try on all the high heels while I was yapping away on the phone and Geric was in the dressing room.  He looked very nice in the purple ones with the gold buckle.  

We stopped at Cinnabon to split a… cinnabon (duh.)  It started going downhill here.  Caden grabbed Geric’s coke and spilled it all over the table.  I asked him if he wanted a juice.  He wanted apple juice, no orange juice, no apple juice, no orange juice… why am I giving him a choice???  Chocolate milk it is.  The lady at the counter was the cup nazi and wouldn’t give me a cup with a lid unless I bought a soda.  “But I bought a chocolate milk.”  “Sorry.”  Thanks a lot.  We managed to survive with minimal spillage and only one straw flick on his brother.

Then we went to Nordstrom Rack, and for a lack of a better term, all hell broke loose.  By now, Geric was pushing the double stroller, so I politely told him I was going to check out the girl section and meet up with him in the guy section.  As I was browsing through tops, I could hear both my kids crying in the back of the store.  (It’s a very large store, mind you.) But I figured that as long as Geric didn’t come and find me, he was okay.  So I browsed, and I tried on, and I browsed some more, oh, and then I browsed through the kids section… and then I went to find Geric. 

If looks could kill, I would be sittin’ with Jesus right now.  I took the stroller and let Caden out (he was antsy) and he quickly made a beeline for the nearest rack of clothes to hide in.  He did this repeatedly until I started telling him that I was going to have to call the police because he was breaking the law.  Jacob was flopping around in the stroller, so I let him out, too, now that Caden was under control.  But Jacob let out the stench cloud of poop that he had been sitting on, so we made our way to the bathroom.  Caden crawled on the disgusting floor while I changed Jacob who was yelling because he likes to hear his voice echo in the bathroom.  I decided to take them for a walk. 

They each got to ride on one of those rides that you see in front of the grocery stores and neither were very impressed.  We were Disneyland Annual Passholders, people.  Those rides are peanuts compared to Peter Pan!  Then we went and looked at all the “animals” at Rainforest Cafe.  Caden screamed when we left (after 20 minutes) because he wasn’t done looking at the “endafent.”  (Thats elephant.) 

I decided it was time to go home.  Both kids cried at the top of their lungs on the walk back to Nordstrom Rack and out of the mall to the car.  After they were buckled I reached back to give Jacob his binky and Caden kicked me!  I pinched his leg and told him to cut it out.  He told me he wanted me to go away.  I told him that I wished that I could.  Go ahead, judge me.

We survived.  We made it home.  We have some cute clothes to show for it.  And we are NEVER going to do that again.


4 responses

  1. Oh Erin,

    I truly wish we lived near each other so we could turn our little ones loose on each other. Caden could pull Aubrey’s hair and Aubrey could scream in his face. Ainsley could sing along to the TV and amaze us with her vocabulary as Jacob eats everything in sight. Oh the fun times we could have. We could sit around drinking coffee and eating muffins complaining how we can’t lose those last 10 pounds with Playhouse Disney in the background… Okay, maybe it is better that we live 1000 miles away.

    I had a similar Banana Republic experience in Spring. I found some great pieces at great prices, but my kids totally melted down in the stroller and it was only noon. They were horrid. I decided I didn’t care since the workers were taking forever checking everyone out, so I just let them cry, cry, cry. I did skip the rest of the stores I planned to shop at though.

  2. That’s hilarious! Note to self- get a babysitter when going shopping! You shoulda learned that when Caden was a baby and was vommitting all over you in Macy’s! Aw, the memories. Love you sis and you’re a great mom…

  3. Being a mom ROCKS! Lots of funny, good stories – long after the fact. Sounds very similiar to my experiences with you and your sisters back in the day…. Er, You are an awesome mom and if you look real close you might find a place on your leg where I pitched you, too!

    I love you and the boys are awesome

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