Cool Repellent

Alisha, Jared, and I used to go to college group together.  We hated it.  We used to leave and say that we were wearing cool repellent, because the coolness of the college group was totally repelled by three of us.  Hard to believe… but true.  It was just plain awkward, especially when I got there before my two buddies, because I would just sit there awkwardly hoping no one would notice me but also hoping someone would talk to me, all the while praying that Jared or Alisha would hurry it up and get there.  Yuck.  I hated it.

Tonight I went to youth group for the third time since Geric got his new job.  I wasn’t really a part of the youth group at our old church, but I really want to be involved now (as much as a mother of two toddlers can be involved.)  So, tonight was reminiscent of my college group days, except now I’m seriously bathing in cool repellent instead of just spritzing it on like I used to! 

First of all, jr. highers are just awkward little people, so they already make me feel awkward, like back when I used to sit at the dorky lunch tables in jr. high.  But then, you add into the mix that I am now more that twice their age (what????) and I have two kids, and now we are completely unrelateable.  (Not true, they can totally be my babysitters!  Haha!) 

I don’t even know how to go about meeting these people.  Should I roll up to a group of girls with my Maclaren and say something like, “Hey ladies, where do you go to school?  Cool, I used to go there… 18 years ago.  Awesome.”  Do the young’ns still say “awesome” and “cool?”  Maybe I shouldn’t call them “ladies.”  Maybe I should ask them if they have a myspace account!  Because I do.  I’m getting cooler by the minute.  I’m not going to tell them about my facebookaccount becausethat’s for old people.  Maybe I should zero in on the lonely girls and talk to them… except maybe they’d feeler even lamer talking to me because I could be their mother (or older cousin, whatever.)

So, any advice?


5 responses

  1. use the word “tight”. I think it has replaced “awesome”. Also the word “sick”. I hear that one is very popular. Perhaps if you had been watching “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” (I did and I hated every second but I still watched every episode) then you could talk to them about that. They love that show! Catch the reruns.

  2. I thought of the best way for you to be a little cooler at youth group… drop your boys off at my house on your way over! It’s close, you wont have to go out of your way, the kids can play and you wont have to chase anyone. Sound good? I’m willing 🙂

  3. Just walk up and say ” hey girls whats up?” I work in my local youth group, and you would be surprised how accepting they are. I didnt even go to church as a teen and always felt like i was the odd man out at most events I attended. I will say that I now have 2 teenagers so that is why we are working with our youth group. I have found they really dont want to discuss any thing heavy, just general conversation. I try to ask questions and just kind of mingle around. hope this helps!!

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