Family Night Turned Date Night

We were supposed to do Family Night on Friday, but then we remembered that Phil Wickham was in concert at Water of Life, so Geric and I turned family night into date night.  (The frozen burritos, corn dogs, and twinkies will have to wait until tomorrow… all food you can buy at a mini-mart.  Hmmmmmm, any ideas on our family night theme?)  Anywho, I asked my mom if she and my dad would mind watching the boys.  I knew there was a possibility that she would say no because she’s worked hard all week and the thought of running around after my two little hooligans is exhausting.  BUT, not only did she say yes, she volunteered to have a slumber party for the boys at her house.  JACKPOT!!!!

So, Geric and I got to go to the concert, which was really fun.  I felt like one of the oldest people there and my back was aching by the middle of the concert, but I made it through.  I didn’t know too many of his songs, but I think Gina said it best when she said, “My husband has a man crush on Phil Wickham.”  Geric thoroughly enjoyed himself.  Here’s some pictures from the cell phone.


Meanwhile, the boys had a blast at Maw and Pop’s house.  They ate Batman fruit snacks to their heart’s content, did a little skinny dipping, watched Spiderman the cartoon, and had donuts for breakfast.  Does it get any better than that???  Well, it did for Geric and I.  We slept in until 9 o’clock!!!!


Thanks, Mom and Dad.


5 responses

  1. possible family night themes “colors” have Caden pick a color and use it for everything, finger paint place mats, make pudding and add food coloring and stuff like that. I made pasta with Alfredo sauce the other day and put one drop of red in Aubrey’s so it was pink pasta, she ate a ton. You guys can all dress in the color too. That’s the best I can come up with before coffee, but I think it would be a fun idea. If you really want to be creative you can melt white chocolate, die it, and dip pretzels and all kinds of stuff in it too.

  2. This is so sweet : ). Sleepovers at Grandparents house are always the best! And sleeping in at your own house, well, that is PRICELESS : ). Congratulations on winning the giveaway at Whittaker Woman. I am so happy for you. It’s always nice to win something, isn’t it! Hope your day is delightful!

  3. That is very fun. I had never heard of Phil Wickham before your post and then I went to get into a friend’s car and there was his CD. Weird! I want to hear more of his music now.

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