I won! I won!

You all know that I am addicted to blogs, and one of the blogs I visit daily is Whittaker Woman’s.  (She’s the one that inspired Family Nights…  which we finally did again on Monday but I’m at my mom and dad’s and I don’t have my camera, so that post will have to wait until later.  I know, you’re dying to know what all that yummy mircowavable food was about.  You’re just gonna have to wait a bit longer.) 

Anywho, she had a giveaway the other day for the new Chris Tomlin CD.  I had just told Geric that I wanted one for my birthday (ON SATURDAY I’LL BE 30!!!!  Holy schnikees!) But I won!  Can you believe it!  Out of hundreds of people, I’m the winner!  I never win anything.  Well, that’s not true.  There was that one time in college that I won tickets to a Dixie Chicks concert from K-Frog.  The seats were terrible… right behind a big pole, remember Stef? 

But this CD, I’m so excited about.  It was at his concert that i worshipped God for the first time.  I mean, I had been a Christian for awhile, but usually during worship time, I just sang the lyrics.  I don’t know what was so special about his concert, (probably the Holy Spirit was there) but I closed my eyes and raised my hands for the first time and really worshipped.  It changed me.  So, anyway, I love Chris Tomlin for allowing God to use him like that… and I think I’m his number one fan.

Thanks for the CD, Heather!  Now I have some awesome music to listen to while I clean my house!

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