Family Night #3

This was actually our family night from last week, but I know you’re all dying to know why the heck we were eating frozen burritos, corndogs, and twinkies for dinner!  Well, it was truck night!  We were truckers!  I was inspired by all the trucks in our house, and wah-la, family night!

During the afternoon, we found all the trucks in the house and we played for a while.  Jacob looks a little crazy in this picture… that’s why I like it.  🙂

DSC02160 by you.

Our delicious truck stop food (plus broccoli, I can’t have my kids eat completely unnutritiously!) was served in trucks!

DSC02164 by you.

We all wore our construction hats during dinner.

DSC02166 by you. 

Look at that slimy neck… somebody’s teething!

DSC02179 by you.

After dinner I invented a game where I laid out big marshmallows in a row around the playroom and we went one at a time to see who could fill up the back of the dump truck and dump it out in a bowl the fastest!  The boys loved the game.  We’re still playing it.

DSC02181 by you. 

I know the picture is a little blurry, but it just shows how incredibly fast Geric was going.  I think he won, but Caden said that he won at the end.  That kid always wins everything!

After the race we read a bunch of truck books.  Jacob’s not much of a reader, but Caden enjoyed it!

So, family night was a success again.  Heather has a ton of ideas over at her blog, and others have added to the list.  Check it out!  Family Night is a ton of fun, and I’m not exaggerating like I usually do. 

Coming up next: Family night gone wrong… dun, dun, duh!!!!

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