Our Big Day!

For those of you that don’t know, Caden and I share a birthday.  He’s the best birthday present that I have ever received! But it is a little bit of an adjustment (now that he’s aware of his birthday) to think of someone else on your special day.  So, I decided to celebrate my birthday the day before the actual day.

On Friday, I was supposed to go to Glen Ivy, but all my “friends” wussed out.  (You know I love you all, but I just had to throw in that jab!)  Anyway, my sis and her friend, Stacy, came out from the LB and we had lunch at CPK and then we went and got manicures and pedicures.  Nicci met up with us and we hung for a little while at my mom and dad’s until the REAL party!  🙂 

A bunch of friends went out to eat at PF Chang’s.  Soooooo yummy!  It was really fun just to hang out and chit chat and eat good food, without any children there to whine and make big messes!  🙂  Always gotta love that!

birthday by you.

erin_(4) by you.

erin_(2) by you.

erin_(1) by you.

banana dessert by you.

I got banana eggrolls as my birthday treat!

After dinner, we went home and got things ready for Caden’s big morning.  After a quick trip to Vons, this was the setup for his morning surprise.

DSC02197 by you.

He was pretty excited in the morning to see Kung Fu Panda and his bike with training wheels.  He also got a really cool helmet and elbow pads and knee pads.  Is all that really necessary?

We kept tradition and had cupcakes for breakfast.  Caden requested chocolate cupcakes with blue frosting and marshmallows.

DSC02211 by you.

Jacob couldn’t get it into his mouth fast enough!

DSC02214 by you.

Geric gave me my present… a gift card for us to all get Disneyland passes!  Hooray!!!!

DSC02229 by you.

So we got ready, and headed out to the Happiest Place on Earth.  Here’s the birthday peeps on the tram ride in.

DSC02234 by you.

We went on the new Toy Story ride for the first time.  It is offically my new favorite ride.  It’s so fun!  While we were in line, Geric made friends with the man in front of us.  He took our pictures with our 3D glasses on.

DSC02245 by you.

Here’s one of Jacob with his on.  Crazy kid!

DSC02239 by you.

Then, they guy that was Geric’s new friend, gave Caden $5 for his birthday!  How nice!  So we went and bought a Buzz Lightyear toy for him. 

DSC02246 by you.

We had to leave a little early, because I was meeting up with Stef, Megan and Shellie at Huntington Beach.  (I know this is the longest post in the history of posts, but oh well.)  We had lunch at Ruby’s and walked up and down Main St. and Stef and I got our make up did.  Then we took a REALLY long walk up the beach (almost all the way to Long Beach!  Megan just kept walking and walking and walking and walking!)  But Stef and I were talking and it was nice to have some special time before she left on her big move.

DSC02252 by you.

So, that was our special weekend.  Caden had a pizza part last Saturday, but that a whole ‘nother post that I’ll save for another time.  Happy birthday to me and my little monkey boy!  30 and 3!?!?!  We’re getting old!


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  1. Happy Birthday to you and your little man! If I was a real friend, I would have given you a card or something, but I guess since we are officially not friends I’m off the hook, right? Hope your year 30 is your best yet!

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