Family Night Gone Wrong

Oh, this was a terrible family night.  Pretty much everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong.  It was a bad, bad night that we should probably just forget.  But I can’t do that.  This blog is all about posting the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Here’s a little bit of ugly for you.

We were actually going to use our new Disney passes and forego family night at home, but then we realized that by the time we got there after Geric got off work, we’d actually be in the park for about a half an hour.  So, it was a last minute family night. 

The boys and I went to Target and found some cute pumpkin items, we bought a few pumpkins at Vons, and I found a pumpkin recipe in my new Rachel Ray magazine.  Seemed easy enough.

The plan was to have the boys make pumpkin shaped sugar cookies with Geric while I prepared dinner, and then we would decorate them together for dessert.  Little did I know that Geric would come home in a “blue funk.”  Don’t act like you don’t know what a “blue funk” is.  My dad actually coined the term (and mastered the behavior a few times if I can recall) but it’s basically a really, really, really, really rotten mood.  It can be for good reason or not, but it sucks to be the recipient of the “blue funk.”  I have had my share of “blue funk” behavior, as have most of you, I suspect.  But I think that the worst “blue funks” come from the husband-types.  I don’t know why.  It’s just the way it is.  And I know your man is amazing, but honestly, it happens to the best of them.  My sister says that her husband goes beyond the “blue funk” to the “black stinky funk.”  Maybe you can relate.

Anywho, I did snap this picture of the cookie creations before Geric snapped into the funk.  Can’t you just see the fun written all over their faces???

DSC02264 by you.

Doesn’t Jacob look so cute sitting amidst all the pumpkins we bought?

DSC02266 by you.

But then, Caden wasn’t making the cookies “right” and it was all downhill from there.  I tried to be the peacemaker, but it felt like I was playing that game at Chuck E Cheese where the moles keep popping out of their hole and you keep whacking them down, but there’s just no way to keep them all down.  They’re too fast.  You don’t have enough arms! 

Geric’s blue funk led to Caden’s meltdown.  That’s when I told Geric that if he was intent on ruining family night, maybe he should excuse himself.  (Okay, maybe I didn’t say it that calmly, but you get the gist!)  So, he did!  Can you believe it???  He actually went to our room and laid down and left me to fend for myself during FAMILY NIGHT!!!  What nerve!

So, i tried to make the best of it.  I changed the boys into their orange garb (like the little pumpkins that they are) and I served up some of the yummy pumpkin potato pie I whipped up… only it wasn’t so yummy.  It kind of looked like a quiche.

DSC02275 by you.

Both boys suspiciously eyeballed it and looked at me like, “You REALLY don’t expect me to eat this stuff, do you?”

DSC02271 by you.

DSC02272 by you.

And they didn’t.  See?  It got dumped on the placemat next to the cute pumpkin bowl and spoon.

DSC02276 by you.

Not to worry… chicken nuggets to the rescue!

DSC02279 by you.

While I was getting a game of pumpkin golf set up,

DSC02282 by you.

Caden took his whole plate of dinner and threw it on the floor.  Bad timing.  Geric had just gotten up to come back out.  Caden was whisked away for a bath and jammies and bed, and, well, family night was… over.  It was for the greater good of all the DeVincenzos, really.

So, we took a break from Family Night this week, but next week we are back up and running, and “blue funk” better keep his distance!


3 responses

  1. Oh, I can so relate. Aaron is like that when he does not get enough sleep. We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday and I had to fore warn him that he was not allowed to be crabby, because I really needed a nice stress free family day.

  2. It seems like things are never as good lived out as they were in my head. At least that is my excuse for not doing great things that take much effort. Like losing ten pounds, it seemed much easier in my head!!! I think the pumpkin pie dinner looks delicious by teh way.

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