Pizza, pizza!

For Caden’s birthday party, we decided that the theme should be something simple.  So, after a brilliant suggestion from my older sister, we picked a pizza party!  It was a lot of fun!

We got dough from Trader Joe’s and prepared every imaginable topping known to man.  Okay, maybe not every topping, but a lot of them.

DSC02311 by you.

So it worked out that each family or couple got to make their own pizza.  It was a lot of fun!

DSC02313 by you.

My brother in law got stuck with oven duty, but he was a trooper.

DSC02316 by you.

And all the pizzas looked delicious!  See?

DSC02351 by you.

DSC02355 by you.

DSC02354 by you.

Caden requested a “spiderweb man jump house.”  So we obliged and the kids had a ton of fun!

DSC02309 by you.

DSC02329 by you.

DSC02324 by you.

DSC02348 by you.

DSC02367 by you.

Then it was present opening time!  The kid scored… again.

DSC02356 by you.

Then it was cake time.  I made two pizza cakes.  One was veggies and the other was meat lovers!  🙂

DSC02310 by you.

Here’s some random pictures of friends and family.

And look at how cute my little bubby was when it got cold outside!

DSC02359 by you.

My sis got Caden a box full of candy (every parent’s dream) and here he is sporting the wax lips.

DSC02368 by you.

That might just end up being his thank you card!


4 responses

  1. Your pizza cakes look awesome! They totally make me want to bake one, and I’m not even the biggest cake fan. Maybe I’ll try a mini one in my Easy Bake Oven. (yes, I actually have one of those… long story.)

  2. Erin!!!!!!!!!!
    Not only was I impressed with the cute pizza theme, i was absolutely amazed at the cakes you made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Cow! How awesomely creative you are!

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