Behavior Modification

I love Caden so much!  He has my crazy sense of humor and he loves to cuddle and he plays with my hair at night and he’s a mama’s boy and he’s all boy… and he’s incredibly strong-willed.  Maybe I should call it high spirited.  That sounds better, doesn’t it? 

This little high spirited child of mine can be very naughty at times (as i’m sure all kids can) and he doesn’t really respond to discipline so well (either he doesn’t care at all or he cares for a little bit and then stops caring.)  He’s so high energy that I figure if I can help him to channel his energy into good things he can be become something amazing, like captain of the soccer team, or ASB president, or President of the US!  (I know that was huge leap from ASB president to president of the US, but you get the picture.)

So, Supernanny inspired me the other day and I decided to make a reward chart for him.  I channeled my inner teacher (I miss her) and came up with this!

    DSC02403 by you.

It’s a magnet board I bought at Target and I thought of five behaviors for Caden to focus on.  (The last one one says, “Stay in your bed.”  It gets cut off in the blog.)

DSC02404 by you.

We talked about it and he was on board!  So we check the reward chart before his nap and before bedtime and we talk about if he deserves a happy face or a sad face, (Magnets I made from wooden circles that I painted and hot glued to magnets.)  He’s been so honest about whether he deserves a sad face or not.  I was surprised.

At the end of the day we count up his happy faces,  If he gets 8 or more, he gets to put an animal sticker in the Zoo Sticker Book I made for him.  Each day says, “I was good today!  Let’s go see the elephants!”  (Or tigers, or hippos, etc.)  Once he fills up his whole sticker book, we’re going to take him to the zoo.

DSC02405 by you.

The first couple days were a little rocky, and I was being really lenient because I wanted him to feel the joy of the reward at the end of the day.  But now it’s going great!  All I have to say is “Are you being a good listener?” and he remembers his happy faces and changes his behavior.  So far, so good.  Hopefully this lasts longer than a week!


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  1. I may have to try this. I am getting a lot of “NO!!!” from my angel. I had a friend over today and it was pretty embarrassing to have her engage me on every little thing.

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