Creepy Crawly Family Night

We had a much improved family night last Monday.  The theme (since we’re so close to Halloween) was spiders!  I got a little carried away.  I kept thinking of fun spider things to do!  Who knew spiders could be so much fun?

In the afternoon the boys and I did some crafts.  We made spider hats and spider web art with a painted ball in a cardboard box.  Caden had a lot of fun and kept telling Jacob he was too little to hold the box.  Poor guy.  Then he tried to scare him with his spider hat. 

DSC02406 by you.

He looks more annoyed than scared.  After craft time we decorated the table area with spider webs.  It looked very spooky!!!

DSC02409 by you.

For dinner we had turkey meatballs, mashed potatoes, and green beans in the shape of a spider!

DSC02412 by you.

… and the boys looked adorable in their hats!

DSC02408 by you.

After dinner, caden made a spider sucker.  I found a giant gummy spider at Target (too giant in my opinion!  Who in their right mind eats such a giant gummy spider???  It’s ginormaous!  But I couldn’t find anything smaller.)  So we poked it on a sucker stick and dripped melted white chocolate on the back so he looked like he was in a web.

DSC02415 by you.

The final product:

DSC02424 by you.

Caden liked it!  (But I didn’t let him eat the whole thing… way too much gummy-ness!)

DSC02425 by you.

I found a bag of spiders at Target too, so we went on a spider hunt.

DSC02417 by you.

DSC02418 by you.

Then Caden read Geric the Itsy Bitsy Spider book that he had colored.  (I told you I went a little overboard!)

DSC02421 by you.

So, that was a much more successful family night!  I’m trying to think of my theme for this week, since it’s Halloween and all.  Hmmmmmm…. stay tuned!


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  1. Since there are no new posts I’ll have to comment on this one again. The dinner looks really yummy too. In fact, I am not craving smashed potatoes and green beans.

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