Blog Backup and Other Stuff

I have been SUCH a lazy blogger lately!  Actually, it’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I’m busy!  I know, we’re all busy, but I’m busier than I used to be.  We literally have something going on every day of the week.  Monday is running all my errands and family night, Tuesday I work, Wednesday I have Bible Study and youth group, Thursday I sometimes have MOPS and I work, Friday is Geric’s day off so we’ve been going to Disneyland or something like that, Saturday we have church, and Sunday we usually hang out with my parents.  It’s a crazy life, people!  It leaves me pooped and with little time to blog, so there is a major blog backup going on over here!  I have a lot of pictures and a lot of posts in my head, but alas, no time to publish them.  But I will, eventually.  So, if you see pictures from Halloween closer to Thanksgiving time, bear with me, k?  Show a little grace.

Speaking of grace (nice transition, eh?) I’ve been thinking lately about how little grace we show each other as parents.  Here’s my story:  We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend (I have pictures, no post yet) and Caden was jumping in a jump house that had a bouncy area and stairs with a slide.  You couldn’t really see the stairs from the outside of the bounce house, but Caden went back there (presumably to climb up) with a little girl and two older boys.  A minute later the girl ran out crying saying that someone had pushed her.  I immediately thought it was Caden and I called to him and asked him if he had done it.  He said no.  I know what you’re thinking… “You took the word of a three year old???”  Yes, I did.  He is usually very honest about his naughty behavior.  He tells me when he does something naughty in Sunday school even when the teacher says he was good.  So, I figured it must have been one of the older boys and I let him go back and play.  Well, it happened again.  I was standing by the little girl’s dad when she came running out, crying, and he turned to me and said in his best mean voice, “Why don’t you get your kid to stop pushing my little girl!”  I was seriously shocked at how he was talking to me.  I kinda wanted to hit him.  But since I’m not violent I just said, “Don’t talk to me like that.  He’s a three year old little boy.”  And I walked away and got Caden and left.  But for the rest of the time I was at the pumpkin patch I was peeved!  I was thinking, you know, even if Caden HAD been the culprit, all he had to do was tell me in a kind voice that my child is being aggressive with the other kids, that I might want to intervene.  But no.  This guy showed me no grace as a fellow parent and instead treated me like I was the worst mother on earth.  It sucked.

I saw another incident similar to mine the other day and it just made me think, why don’t we show each other some grace?  I mean, we’re all in the same boat here.  We all have little kids and we all know they act up from time to time and we all know that sometimes they do things out of our control and sometimes those things embarrass us and make us feel like rotten parents.  So, if we all know this, why do we treat each other like we don’t?  Why do we throw condemning looks, or talk smack about toddlers, or judge each others parenting skills on the actions of a three year old boy?

I know, I’m on a soapbox, but at least it’s a breather from all the political soapboxes people have been on.  I just thought I throw this out on the good ol’ blog and hopefully plant some thoughts in my fellow parent’s heads.  How about next time you see a child acting up, remember the last time your child acted the same and realize that, hey, if my kid isn’t a monster, then that kid probably isn’t a monster either and instead of passing judgment on the mother’s parenting skills, cut her a little slack and show her a little grace.  She’s probably having a rough day.


4 responses

  1. No offense to parents with one child, but I bet that guy only had one little girl. First time parents tend to over react quite a bit more than us “seasoned” ones. I was probably the same way when Liam was little, but that was 12 years ago, so I can’t remember!

  2. Last year we were at the park, and every time this mom walked away to check on her other kid, her older kid kicked Aubrey. I was standing right there! I didn’t say anything to the mom, because I didn’t want to embarrass her, but I did take Aubrey to another area of the playground.

    Also, if Aubrey had been the crying girl in the bounce house, and trust me she would have been, I would have told her that there are lots of kids playing in there and sometimes you get pushed because everyone is bouncing, and that if it is too scary for her SHE can get out. Seriously, AJ is REALLY emotional and I wouldn’t think someone else was being intentionally mean to her, just because she was pushed. And remember, I’ve seen a kid kick her intentionally!

    I’m sorry you were judged. That stinks!

  3. Um Erin, everyone else’s kids ARE monsters! Duh! Its only your own children that are angels. (says the woman who has only raised dogs, by the way when they get into it with another dog at the dogpark its totally that other dogs fault)

  4. Enuf writing already… I need to see pics of my lil nephews in their halloween costumes… snap to it… enough myspace and facebook and post a blog! Love you… Talk the parents into getting me a pass to D-land so we can all make memories… Im poor 😦

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