Halloween Day

Halloween day was a little crazy.  I realized the day before that the costume I had bought for Jacob said on  the package size 1-2 but it was for a 6-12 month old!  I guess I should have read more carefully!  So it was a scramble trying to find something for him to wear.  All that was left at Target was Hannah Montana, so I got creative and bought a blue turtleneck and sweatpants and hot glued the pieces I cut out from his original Superman costume.  It turned out pretty good.

I was flying solo since Geric had to be at the Trunk or Treat at Water of Life, and getting two kids dinner, while making a costume, clothing them, getting a couple of pictures, and getting out of the house with Halloween accessories and stuff to spend the night at Maw and Pop’s house, was just not easy!  But we made it.

DSC02499 by you.

He had to hold his face real tight so he wouldn’t run away. 

DSC02502 by you.

Big Muscles!

We went to Nate and Zach’s house to trick or treat in their neighborhood and pass out some candy. 

DSC02507 by you.

DSC02506 by you.

They were all superheroes!  And we didn’t even try to coordinate!  Just worked out that way. 

Then we walked to the Trunk or Treat and it was sooooo crowded!  Seriously!  Beyond crowded.  So we stayed long enough to jump in a couple of bounce houses and stay hi to Geric, then we left.

Afterwards, I took the boys to my mom and dad’s to spend the night.  I know, what were they thinking agreeing to that???  They are saints, what can I say?  i found out later that Caden didn’t fall asleep until midnight and Jacob was up on and off all night long.  I think I struck the jackpot in the Maw and Pop department.


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  1. Aw… Sis you make them stand on the fireplace and take their halloween pics like us- that’s cute. Jacob’s outfit turned out great, no one woulda known it was homemade 🙂 We could start our own costume business- you do babies, I do dogs 🙂 Anywho, loved all the pics… thanks for granting my request 🙂

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