Pumpkin Carving

This is a strange tradition, isn’t it?  Not one that I really enjoy, but it must be done, or else it just isn’t Halloween.  Geric cut the top off the pumpkin, and then he decided to put himself on seed duty, meaning I scooped out the goo and carved the face and he baked the seeds. 

DSC02478 by you.

We took Rachel’s suggestion and went to the site on playhouse disney’s website and Caden played around until he found a face he liked.  Good tip, Rach!  Here was the result.

DSC02480 by you.

Jacob just played with the table cloth.

DSC02481 by you.

I carved, Caden scooped… in his undies!

DSC02483 by you.

A happy family and their jack-o-lantern.

DSC02489 by you.

DSC02495 by you.


One response

  1. Your hair is looking super cute, Erin, and so is your front porch. I love your pumpkin. We did the different sized eyes on our second one and it was pretty cute too. I wanted to carve a Sarah Palin pumpkin (I found the stencil on the NBC website) but I think it would have taken all the live long day and I just didn’t have that kinda time. Maybe I’ll get my chance in 2012. 😦

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