Pumpkin Patch

Better late than never!  I know, I already told my story from the pumpkin patch, but here are the pictures to go along with it… minus the mean dad and his cute kid.

DSC02444 by you.

DSC02451 by you.

DSC02453 by you.

DSC02465 by you.

I thought he loked so cute waiting in line… and hot!

DSC02468 by you.

The dreaded bounce house!

DSC02460 by you.

A funny family portrait!  The boys were nervous to have a stranger taking our picture and I look like I have bunny ears from the kid’s knees behind me!

DSC02461 by you.

Brotherly love!

I just realized that we never got any pictures with the pumpkins!  Ha!  By the time we went to the petting zoo, went on the rides, got yelled at by a mean dad, climbed the haystack, and ate slushies, we were pooped.  We ended up buying a pumpkin off one of the tables they had set up instead of walking out into the actual patch and finding one out there!  Kinda funny.

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