The Call

Last Saturday we took five jr. highers down to San Diego for The Call.  It was a big prayer meeting at QualComm stadium for the upcoming election and our state in general.  It was cool to be there and see so many people that are passionate about seeing God’s will done in our state.

DSC02514 by you.

How cool is that!?!  There’s something about being in a big group of people who love Jesus that just fills my heart!

It was a long day, though.  We got to San Diego at 9am and left at 11pm.  We were supposed to stay in the stadium and pray and worship and fast the whole time, but the jr. highers were getting antsy and hungry, so we walked to McDonalds!  Heathens, I know!!!  Here’s the group of us when we got back.

DSC02517 by you.

The guy in the hat is the high school youth pastor and the little girl in the front is his daughter.  The rest are the jr. highers and Geric, of course.  The boy in the back giving bunny ears to the girl in the front actually had a crush on her.  Ahhh, jr. high love! They crack me up!

The best part was the last couple of hours.  A rockin’ worship band come on and everyone went down on the field to dance.  It was so much fun!

DSC02521 by you.

Isn’t the stage pretty?  J/K!  I took that picture because of the massive mullet that guy was sporting! 

DSC02524 by you.


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