The Forgotten Post

I was looking through old pictures today getting ready to pick ones for next years calendar, which is a great grandparent’s gift by the way, when I stumbled upon a group of pictures from last month that I forgot to post!  They are from breakfast in Long Beach when my sister and her husband came down for Caden’s birthday party.  We ate a restaurant on the marina.

DSC02380 by you.

DSC02372 by you.


DSC02370 by you.

Since it was Sunday morning Geric couldn’t come, but Greg ended up joining us, so we posed together.  🙂

DSC02371 by you.

My dad took the boys out to the water when they started getting antsy.  The waiter was taking forever to bring us our check!

DSC02378 by you.

We walked up 2nd street and stopped at Starbucks where Caden took a few pictures.  Here’s my budding photographer.

DSC02386 by you.

DSC02387 by you.

Uncle Rob stepped in to help with the last one.

DSC02390 by you.

A few days after Kristin and Rob left, I was walking into church with Caden and he says, “Mommy, I love my people.”  I said, “Really?  Who are your people?”  He said, “Auntie Kristin and Uncle Rob!”  I told him I love his people too!  I think I’ll have my people call his people and tell them to come back soon!  We miss them!


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