Random kid thoughts for the virtual scrapbook

When I grind my coffee beans in the morning I get two reactions.  Caden runs and hides because it’s “too loud.” Jacob runs up to me and starts sniffing the air until I put the bag of beans under his nose for him to smell.  Then he laughs and runs away.

Every morning when I get my cup of coffee (with the seasonal white chocolate peppermint creamer, so yummy!  I was thinking of buying it in bulk and freezing it for use all year long… but I digress.)  When I get my coffee, Jacob runs up whispering, “hot, hot” and puts his hand out to feel my mug.  He does this over and over and over and over and over and…

Both my children are seriously afraid of the garbage truck.  They scream and run and cling to me in shear terror.  Not sure how that started.

Jacob is going through a Dooblebop phase.  Caden went through it, too.  There is something extremely attractive about those colorful singing creatures to a one year old.  Whenever he gets near the TV (even if it’s not on) he starts dancing and singing, “Doo, doo, doo, doo.”

Caden’s new thing is to randomly say, “Mommy, I love you too!” 

Caden is living in a me-centered world.  We went to a birthday party the other day and even though I made it a point to tell him the whole ride there that this party is for Wyatt and not for him and there will be presents for Wyatt and not for him, I think he still thought it was his party.  See?

Here he is opening Wyatt’s presents for him.  When I got him to stop he shouted out, “It’s a monster truck and a sticker book!”  Way to ruin the surprise, kid.  After present time was over he asked where his present was.

caden at wyatt's party by you.

And here he is blowing out Wyatt’s candles.

caden blowing wyatts candles by you.

I know you’re all dying to invite him to your kid’s party, right? 

We’ve been really trying to help Caden with his aggressive behavior at church and playgroups.  He’s gotten so much better since he’s turned three.  Whenever we pull up to church he reminds me (and himself), “I no hit.  I no bite.  I no push. I no kick.  I no take toys.”  It’s his little mantra.

Jacob is taking over where Caden has left off.  When he gets mad, he hits.  I’ve been taking his hands and saying, “nice” and showing how to use them gently.  So now, he’ll hit me and then gently stroke my face and say, “nice.”  Baby steps.


3 responses

  1. Don’t laugh at me, but I was just reading that kids Jacob’s age (Ainsley’s age) hit their parents because it is safe. It is a way for them to test their boundaries without fear. So be happy that he feels safe enough with you to smack you around a bit. Ainsley also thinks Aubrey is a safe person. She is very wrong.

    And another little comparisson, we had a similar gift incident. Aubrey had decided which gift she wanted based on wrapping paper and cried bloody murder when it went to the Birthday boy (last Saturday). I really wish we lived near each other so we could set our kids loose and laugh (and cry) at the aftermath.

  2. I have this great picture of me as a kid at one of my birthday parties where I’m opening presents and some kid kept trying to open them for me and I’m screaming at him to stop. I was only like, 3 but man was I fierce! That has always made me crazy I suppose. Do you think it would help if the hostess passed out the goody bags first and then had everyone sit down to watch the presents? Like at a shower, if you play gift bingo while the bride or mommy to be opens her gifts then it keeps everyones interest a bit more. I dunno, whatever.

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