Wicked Awesome!

That’s how they say it in Boston… right, Gina???  🙂

For my 30th birthday my little sis bought us tickets to go see Wicked, and as I already stated, it was awesome!  We got all dressed up and went out to dinner at an italian restaurant near the theater.  The entrees were good, but we were a little daredevilish and ordered a grilled polenta dish with fontina cheese and it serioulsy smelled like FEET!  Barf!  I took one small bite, gagged it down, and spent the rest of the time with my nose covered until the waitress took it away.  Oh, it was awful!  But it made for a good laugh at dinner!

We made our way over to the theater and acted like tourists by taking our picture in front of the big signs and by Barry Manilow (we’re fan-ilows) and Henry Winkler’s (the Fonz) stars.

DSC02552 by you.

DSC02557 by you.

DSC02558 by you.

Once we got inside, we found our seats, in the back row.  Notice the wall behind our heads.  Only a few selct seats have a well behind your head.  That also made for a good laugh.  We weren’t supposed to take pictures in the theater, which is why it’s all blurry, the flash was off.  But Super-usher saw us and came over to scold us.  He takes his job VERY seriously!

DSC02560 by you.

Since we were so far back we decided to go rent a pair of binoculars.

DSC02562 by you.

While we were out there we noticed that Bridget was towering over me in her big heels and me in my flats and we realized that that is how Kristin (our older sister) goes through life!  She’s shorty! So we took a picture to document it.  i’m not crouching down or anything!

DSC02559 by you.

Once all that fun was over, we actually went inside and saw the show, which is seriously amazing!  It was probably the best show I’ve seen, and I’ve actually seen a lot of them.  It was funny and so clever, and the acting was incredible as was the singing and dancing.  The costumes and set were fantastic!  I highly to recommend to it to everyone!  If you have a chance to see it (even if you can only afford the back row, which really isn’t bad, just rent some binoculars) you should definitely go before it leaves town. 

Thanks Sis, for the tickets and for the good time!  Love you!


3 responses

  1. How fun! I just got Todd and I tickets yesterday as a Christmas present to each other. I can’t wait. I read the book a long time ago and just finished reading the second one and can’t wait to see how it plays out on stage.

  2. Oh isn’t is SOOOOOOOOO good! I’ve been twice! Hey, if you show up on a random week night, and enter the lottery, you stand a pretty good chance of getting unclaimed tickets for really cheap. My girlfriend has seen it lots of times doing that.

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