Caden’s Done Good

Caden filled up his sticker book last week!  Hip hip hooray for my good boy.  Three is really such a better age than two, it really, really is!  Thank you, Jesus for three! 

Anyway, we took him to the zoo last Saturday, which the was same day the freeway fires were starting and getting out of control.  I took these pictures on the way to and and from the zoo.

  DSC02570 by you.

DSC02576 by you.

Crazy, huh?  It’s really sad to think about all the things that were lost in those fires.  Thank God for firefighters.  And thank God my husband decided to be a pastor instead of a firefighter, I think I would have been a crazy mess last weekend if he had gone the other way!

It was acually clear and nice at the zoo.  The new gorilla exhibit is open, which was nice for the gorillas.  Caden and I took our usual picture near the zebras.  And Geric and Jacob took a picture near the giraffes.

  DSC02573 by you.

DSC02575 by you.

Next on the reward chart, a trip to the movies!


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