Family Photos

Last Friday Megan took some amazing pictures of our family.  the goal was to get a good Christmas card picture and some to hang around the house, but they ALL turned out SO good.  Here they are! (I was only going to put up a couple, but they are all so FREAKIN’ good, I couldn’t pick!)  The best one (I think) is going to be our Christmas card, so I didn’ post it on here… that way you’ll all surprised when you open your mailboxes!  If you like Megan’s work and you want her to take your pictures, click on the sidebar where it says “Siana Photography.”  She’s so good, especially with the kiddos!

family by you.

G&C by you.

E&C by you.

E&G by you.

kissing by you.

G&J by you.

E&J by you.

C by you.

5 responses

  1. Megan did a fabulous job – like always. We are so lucky to have talented friends. The boys shirts really make the colors “pop.”

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