Granny Goose and Papa

My Grandma (who Caden affectionately calls Granny Goose) and Papa came out last weekend to spend some time with us.  While they were here, we celebrated their 81st birthdays! 

Of course Caden helped blow out the candles, because every party is HIS party!

DSC02593 by you.

Jacob mad-dogged the camera.  He does this from time to time.  You know you’d be afraid of that face if you ran into him in a dark alley.

DSC02594 by you.

My Sis and my Bro-in-law

DSC02596 by you.

Caden took some pictures.

DSC02600 by you.

DSC02599 by you.

DSC02605 by you.

Me and my mama who loves me so much!

DSC02603 by you.

We made a holiday wreath.  (When I say “we,” I really mean “I.”)  But Caden modeled it!

DSC02614 by you.

Jacob fell asleep before the party was over.

DSC02612 by you.

Right before we left, my mom had a piece of cake with orange frosting and her teeth turned BRIGHT ORANGE!  It was hilarious!  My dad and I tried to get her to take a picture, but since she knew it would probably end up on the internet (I’ve become that kind of girl!) this is the best I could get.  Ha!

DSC02616 by you.


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