Thanksgiving: DeVincenzo Style

Our Thanksgiving morning started with a small wrestling match, some of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and a light breakfast.

DSC02645 by you.

DSC02650 by you.

In the afternoon, we headed over to my mother in law’s house for some yummy dinner!

DSC02655 by you.

Caden helped carve the turkey!

DSC02654 by you.

The adult table… Geric has his turkey leg all ready.

DSC02660 by you.

The kiddie table, that actually worked out quite nicely.  Having a ten year old neice that LOVES taking care of my kiddos is awesome!

DSC02662 by you.

After dinner Caden watched some TV with Grandpa… Okay, maybe Grandpa took a nap.

DSC02661 by you.

Then he rode a rocking horse with his cousin, Kristyn.

DSC02665 by you.

Meanwhile, Jacob did his best impression of Edward Cullen, as he heard Twilight was all he rage.

DSC02674 by you.

J/K!  But he did enjoy the cranberries!

And just to prove that I was really there…

DSC02676 by you.

One response

  1. Edward is not a sloppy eater. If you finished the series you would know that! Our little friend Laina was also sporting the cranberry mouth. I was just glad the kids were willing to eat the dinner.

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