Thanksgiving: Nelson Style

On Friday morning we went over to my mom and dad’s house for a BIG thanksgiving get together.  Kristin and Rob came down from Northern California, as did Rob’s sister and her family, and her in-law’s joined us from Claremont.  And of course there was Bridget and Jon and Jon’s mom, and us!  We divied up the dishes, which made it great on everyone, but it also made for a very busy kitchen!

DSC02677 by you.

While everyone was cooking, the boys played outside.  They golfed for awhile.

DSC02685 by you.

Then they tesed out the safety net on Maw and Pop’s pool.

DSC02687 by you.

Then they hunted pirates.

DSC02689 by you.

DSC02691 by you.

And, finally, they practiced their kung fu moves with Pop.

DSC02701 by you.

Back in the house, people cooked, and my sis smiled.

DSC02705 by you.

Here’s the tablescape my Dad designed.  Sandra Lee would be so proud.

DSC02706 by you.

Almost done cookin’!

DSC02715 by you.

Caden helped carve the turkey again.

DSC02712 by you.

Finally, time to eat!  Jon ate his green veggies, what a big boy!

DSC02724 by you.

Bridget, Kristin, and Josh did some tongue tricks.

DSC02726 by you.

DSC02727 by you.

The Brownells 🙂

DSC02733 by you.

The funniest family members

DSC02730 by you.


DSC02729 by you.

After dinner, the kiddos watched Madagascar.

DSC02734 by you.

And the adults sang Christmas carols.  It was totally corny, but sometimes it’s fun to be corny!

DSC02735 by you.

Before the night was over, Jacob had become a ladies man!  She couldn’t keep her hands off him!

DSC02737 by you.

Thanksgiving was so much fun this year!  It was great having two!  Can’t wait for Christmas!

3 responses

  1. It was an awesome Thanksgiving 🙂 Where’s the pic of me and Jacob? Will you send it to me via email with the other pics we are in? Funniest family members eh? I’ll remember that! 🙂

  2. Your thanksgiving looked too perfect!
    It was so funny seeing so many cooks in the kitchen, but I bet there were a lot of laughs!
    How fun. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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