It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

For family night this week we got into the Christmas spirit!  During the day, Caden and I made Christmas cookies, which were just the Christmas tree cookies that come pre-made.  They were great because Caden did everything!  🙂

DSC02752 by you.

Afterwards, we made a chain to count down the days until Christmas.  Once again, Caden did all the work…

DSC02757 by you.

while Jacob snacked.

DSC02755 by you.

The finished product!

DSC02758 by you.

When Geric came home, the plan was to sit in the family room, eat finger foods and decorate the tree.  But, toddlers don’t just sit around eating finger foods, they run around making messes with finger foods.  So, we sat at the table and ate our finger foods,

DSC02762 by you.

while Geric brought in the tree.  Yes, it’s fake.  I’m allergic to the real ones.  So sad, I know.  I hear it every year, how I shattered Geric’s dreams of taking his boys to the Christmas tree farm to chop down a fresh tree.   But then I remind him that if that’s as bad as it gets for him on Christmas, then it’s ain’t so bad.  🙂

DSC02761 by you.

Caden did most of the decorating.  Jacob helped in the beginning,

DSC02765 by you.

DSC02769 by you.

DSC02768 by you.

but then he was over it and more into his toy wagon.

DSC02766 by you.

Caden got to put the angel on top of the tree.  I have a feeling that this will be the last year he gets to do that without a fight from his brother!

DSC02770 by you.

And we ended the night as only a house full of boys would end it… with some wrestling!

DSC02774 by you.


3 responses

  1. What a fun night. I decorated the tree by myself while the kids were napping and Mike was working. I did save stuff for them to do though. Maybe next year I will venture into making it a family event.

  2. I love ‘family decorate the tree night!’ Looks like you had a really good time! Your family nights are very inspiring. Of course, the inspiration remains hypothetical because I’ve yet to muster the energy and planning capability to implement them. I love the idea though.

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