All Lit Up!

After church on Saturday night we got some pizza and headed over to Thoroughbred to see the Christmas lights.  This is the first year that Caden was excited to see them.  He was so stinkin’ cute!  He was sticking his head out the window and pointing and yelling and saying hi to all the people passing by!  He wouldn’t even look at me long enough to smile, but you can see how excited he is just on he side of his face!

DSC02805 by you.

Ger liked the lights too!

DSC02800 by you.

He even let Caden drive part of the way!  🙂

DSC02810 by you.

I got all creatve with the side mirrors.  Fancy, huh?

DSC02804 by you.

Poor Jacob missed everything.  He was out before we even got up there!

DSC02811 by you.

But I think we’ll go again before the season is over.  Maybe next time we’ll walk it.

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