Things I say to Caden daily

  • It’s Caden-Mommy snuggle time!
  • Please be kind to your brother.
  • Caden, I love you toooooo much!!!
  • Mommy ears can’t hear whiney voices.  Maybe you should try using a big boy voice.
  • I love you, little Monkey Boy!
  • Buckle up (calmly)… Buckle up (slightly aggitated)… Buckle up now(in a firm disciplinary voice)… If you don’t buckle up right this minute, I’m gonna pull you out of the car and spank your hiney very hard!!! (And usually he buckles up.)
  • Who’s my best Big Boy?
  • (Gasp!) You don’t say “no” to Mommy! (full of shock and disappointment)
  • Holler when you’re done and I’ll come wipe your hiney!  (my personal favorite.)
  • Stop picking your nose, please.
  • Here are your choices… What do you choose?… That’s not a choice.
  • Yes, you can touch my hair.  (He has a hair fetish, always has.)
  • Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

DSC02155 by you.


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