Whoopsy Daisies

The other day I was backing my car out of the garage a little too quickly, and I accidentally got a little too close to Geric’s car and I accidentally knocked off his side view mirror.  Whoopsy daisies!

From 2008-12-12-0855-30

I went and go him to pose for a picture, but he didn’t find the humor in it.  Not at all.  Not even a teensy tiny itsy bitsy little bit.  Not funny at all.

From 2008-12-12-0855-30

4 responses

  1. That’s a big bummer!!!

    I once got my Saturn wedged (I couldn’t go forward or backward) while pulling into the garage…with my in-laws. My FIL got out and pushed it in while I backed up. But, good ol’ Saturn is dent resistant and there was no permanent evidence of my blunder. The same cannot be said after I was rear ended. The car was one big dent!

  2. I’ve done that before, and I promised to fix it on my sister’s car, and then year’s went by and they finally just sold the car.
    It is a little pricey to fix, believe it or not!!!!!
    I love your little “oopsie” approach!

  3. My dad backed into my mom’s car while trying to park in the garage and then after pulling forward and trying again he side swiped the garage. Boy, I was glad that I lived a 1,000 miles away on that day. I think I am the only one in the family that finds it funny.

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