Wanted: Part-time Babysitter

I thought I would use my blog to get some help today. I work part time (really part time… 6 hours a week) but finding a babysitter every week is such a challenge. Seriously. My mother in law usually babysits on Tuesday afternoons, but Thursdays are always up in the air. Sometimes my sister in law, sometimes my sis, sometimes Ger gets off early, sometimes Jessica, and sometimes Jane… but only when I’m really desperate. Haha! I kid, I kid… love ya, Jane!

Anyway, we need something more consistent or else I’m going to go crazy. So, does anyone have any suggestions? Here are my prerequesites:

1. I have to know you or you have to come highly recommended by someone I know. I almost resorted to going on that care.com site and finding a young college age girl to come to my house, but I don’t know. Having a stranger watch my kiddos all alone in my house just doesn’t sit right with me.
2. I have to pay you. I know, sounds silly, but if you’re my friend and you’re going to volunteer yourself, I don’t want to hear, “Don’t worry about it, I’ll watch them.” If you’re watching them every Thursday afternoon (2 to 5:30ish to be exact) then eventually you’re going to end up resenting me for doing it for free and that would just put a strain on our relationship and the last thing I want is lose a friend through this whole thing. That would be terrible. So I have to pay you, and I hear the going rate for babysitters is $6-$7 an hour, But I’m willing to pay $10. Ka ching! 🙂 Think about it, it’s like me buying your groceries for free once a month!!!

So, any help you can provide would be great, great, great! I know most you (my friends, not my lurkers) live in Rancho, but I can deal with the drive. Since I have MOPS every other Thursday, we usually just hang out at my mom and dad’s in the afternoon anyway.

If I get too many responses I may have to have everyone fill out an application and go through a very rigid interview process. Ha!

And just to tempt you into this whole thing…

From Christmas and New Years Festivities
From Christmas and New Years Festivities

Who wouldn’t want to spend 3 and a half hours a week with those faces???


7 responses

  1. Sis, I would love to watch those cute faces every week, but unfortunatly my schedule varies every week. I have an interview at One Legacy next week- YEAH! So if my schedule there is Thursdays off, then I can do it. In the meantime, GOOD LUCK! Love u and miss u, B

  2. Hey Erin

    I know of a really good lady that would be more than happy to watch your kiddos. She goes to WOL and comes highly recommended by the Children’s Ministry dept. Doesn’t your hubby work there? I know that there is a board that posts people’s needs there. Maybe you kind find someone who can assist you that way. Otherwise, this lady is fantastic! She has three children of her own and has been praying about taking in a few kids for extra income during the week.

    Both her and her husband recently lost their jobs due to this ugly financial crunch. If you want, I will be more than happy to give the info to you.

    Let me know.

  3. Hey Ali, who are you? I just tried emailing the address you left to get more info from you but it sent it back saying it was an incorrect email address. If you read this, let me know who you are and leave your email address again so we can chat. 🙂

  4. I’m available. How do your boys get along with girls?? We usually have easy Thursday afternoons, cuz we have Bible study in the evening and I know the kids will be up late. So they could come over and hang out and play with the dogs and do play-doh and coloring and stuff. And I have a van, so if we have to get out of the house, there is room for their car seats! 🙂 Let me know.

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