Welcome to the Family!

Remember this post?  Yah, we’re weak and after a while of not taking naps and throwing fits at bedtime, we caved and gave the binky back, only during bedtime, but still. 

Well, after Caden’s dentist appointment where we were told the bink is starting to ruin his bite, we realized that we REALLY needed to give it up, for good.  So, we told Caden that he could use his binks to buy a toy. 

After hardly any thought, he decided that he needed a Woody doll… I mean, action figure.  So, we went to California Adventure, rode on the Toy Story ride and afterwards stopped in the Toy Story shop.  While Geric talked to the salesman about our transaction, I helped Caden pick out the best Woody… action figure.  🙂  He was so cute when we went to go pay.  He stepped right up and handed the man his baggy of binks and the man was so nice and printed out a reciept for him and everything.  He really thought he was hot stuff.  So good bye Binks (we’re serious this time) and welcome to family, Woody!

From Cowboy Family Night

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