Freaky Weird 20/20

Did anyone happen to catch 20/20 a few weeks ago when it was about a bunch of different aspects of mothering?  I recorded it when I saw that it was going to be about women who find the birthing process pleasurable.  I thought, “Hmmmm, I should watch that since I’m planning on having more kids and I’m not messing around with another epidural that probably won’t work anyway.”  I finally got around to watching it, and it seriously blew. my. mind.

The first segment was about women that find the birthing process pleasurable… very, very pleasurable, if you catch my drift.  I was sitting there, mouth wide open in complete disbelief when the newscaster said that 21% of women find it this pleasurable.  Whaaaaaa?  I have never heard of this before!  You obviously need to have a natural birth to experience the full effects of… the pleasure.  And to prove their point they actually had footage of one woman who was having a very pleasurable experience, under a tree in a hot tub.  I’m all for finding ways to alleviate the pain, but all that pleasure in front of nurses, doctors, God knows who else is in the room (my Dad!), well, that’s just embarrassing.

Commercial Break.

The next segment was all about these WEIRDO women who collect really lifelike looking baby dolls.  Two of the women they showed didn’t have children of their own, so they carried around these dolls like they were their real live babies.  They change their clothes and their diapers and have complete nurseries for them!  Whaaaaa?  Crazy, right?  One lady actually takes her “baby” to the park and leaves disappointed if no one tells her how cute she is.  And she took her baby out and about in the city and one woman stopped to tell her how cute her baby was and the “mother” let the lady go on and on and on, until the lady realized  that the baby was cold, so the “mother” finally told her that she was a doll.  TOTALLY WEIRD!!!

Commercial Break.

Although my mom disagrees, I found this next segment the weirdest of them all.  It was about breastfeeding, which for some reason is really controversial.  I’m all for breastfeeding.  Both my boys were breastfed and it was great… fabulous… good times.  Anywho, this was about mothers who are breastfeeding kindergarteners… and third graders!!!!  They actually showed the third graders shoving her head under her mom’s shirt to nurse.  Whaaaaa?  Shiver me timbers, that’s freakin’ weird!!  My mom said she can kinda understand, because it’s how these kids soothe themselves, similar to a binky, but I say a piece of rubbery plastic is totally different than my boob!  Third grade???  Alert, alert, not okay, totally not okay.  I don’t know that there is a “right age” to stop breastfeeding, but I do know that if your kid is in third grade, you passed it.

So, did anyone else see this?  I know I’m probably going to catch some flack for my sarcasm.  Oh well. Maybe my mean faked named commenter buddy will come out of the woodwork and lay a doozy on me.  But this was just too freakin’ weird not to share with the blogosphere.

8 responses

  1. OMG!! I caught the part with the women in the hot tub…. I could not watch the rest of the show!! I changed the channel, I was so grossed out. Yuck! In front of a camera crew… really??? I think it was all staged and not real. And I saw the “tease” for the next segment about the dolls.. weird!! Those women need some serious counseling.

  2. The breastfeeding thing is weird . . . I nursed until my kids were one . . . but FIVE? or EIGHT?
    Sounds like an interesting 20/20.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Just kidding, I’m Jane.

    Same as Allison, Ryan and I caught a bit of “hot tub freak” and were in disbelif. People get off in all sorts of weird ways I guess. Did you ever hear about “magnet guy”?

  4. I like the comments as much as the post. Sadly I had to miss 20/20 because our direct tv is already turned off in preparation for our move. Sounds like I missed a really “Special Episode”.

  5. Ask Jane to tell you about Magnet guy… 🙂

    WOW… i missed it but thanks for the recap… breastfeeding elementary aged kids…. NO WAY! Totally for breastfeeding…. but thats a bit much.

    the pleasure chick…. that cant be true… I have a hard time believe that! I would have to see it to believe it but you know… I dont think I want to see it so I will take your word on it…

    DOLLS… all I thought of was at least my mom didnt do that with her dolls!

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