Earthquakes are scary

We had an Earthquake a couple of weeks ago and it really rocked us.  I don’t know if it’s because we live in a raised foundation or because we live closer to the epicenter than almost everyone else I know, but it felt like a big one.  Not THE big one, but definitely a big one.

During the earthquake Caden was watching Backyardigans with Geric, like he does every night while I put Jacob to bed.  Well, all the shaking scared the socks off him.  Geric jumped up and ran to the doorway I ran out of my room and I’m sure I looked scared and he screamed and looked really frightened.  WE calmed him down and after a lot of coaxing he was able to go to bed.

The last couple of weeks have been a completely different story.  He gets really scared of any strange sound he hears in his room, especially trucks that drive on the street outside.  He literally screams at the top of his lungs if we leave him in his bed before he goes to sleep.  Jacob is in there so it’s not like he’s completely alone, but he screams so loud that he’s going to wake him up.  We’ve gotten a night light, a flash light to sleep with, we pray a lot a lot a lot and make sure Jesus is standing guard is his angels are watching over him, he has his special toy (Woody) and his blanket.  I even made a new reward chart that if he fills up with stickers for going to bed quietly he gets to go to the movies with me.  NOTHING works.  Last night I sat in there until 9:30  and we put him to bed at 8.  I’ve tried sitting in there for a little bit and then telling him I had to go put on my jammies, I’ll be right back, and hoping he’ll fall asleep, but he climbs out of bed and finds me.  Oh, and to make matters worse, he won’t take Geric.  It has to be mommy.

Honestly, between this and Jacob waking up at 6:15 lately, I feel like I never get a break and I’m going crazy.  Any suggestions for getting a scared little boy to fall alseep?

4 responses

  1. What if you let him fall asleep in your room. I know Aubrey will go to sleep in our room without a night light or anything, just because it’s our bed and she feels safe. Mike carries her back to her room when we go to bed. (This happens about once a month though, not everyday).

  2. He’s like his Auntie… That’s why I opted to stay in the bedroom next to Mom and Dads- so if an earthquake came and shook the house in half at least I wouldn’t be alone. Poor guy, they are scary… Give him some time, I still get hot feet and feel a panic when there is an earthquake. Maybe let him fall asleep watching TV for a few nights and then put him to bed… I ain’t got no parenting advice, but that’s what I came up with 🙂 Love u!

  3. I’ve been using Hyland’s homeopathic remedies with Matthew for teething and they work wonders! I know they make some for anxiety and for difficulty sleeping. All natural, non drug, no side effects – can’t hurt!

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