Caden’s Sleep Update

Not much has changed.  I’ve put a fan in his room for white noise to drown out any sounds he hears.  And we’ve made a “nest” in our room on the floor, which was such a fantastic idea.  Thanks Alyssa!  I’ve been giving him a warm mug of milk before bed and trying to stay really calm through his whole bedtime routine, so he doesn’t get all riled up.  Which is really hard for me becuase I’m a really funny person and I like to make his laugh.  J/K! And he hasn’t been taking naps, but that’s because we haven’t been home at naptime for the last few days. 

So last night before I put him to bed, I told him this really long elaborate story about how we had been keeping a secret from him and it was time for us to reveal it.  I told him that Jacob was born with a cape and he’s really a superhero.  I told him he’s friends with Spiderman and Batman and he has his own superpowers to defeat bad guys.  So he shouldn’t be scared because he’s sharing a room with a superhero.  Then he told me that he’s Fighter Man.  So I went along with it and said, “Yes, see?  You’re brave too.”  But he still wanted me to sit in his room.  Nice try.  So I sat in there with a flashlight reading a book until 9:00.  Yes, a full hour!  Every time I moved, he popped his little head up and asked what I was doing. 

The night before last we tried putting Jacob in our bed and just leaving Caden in his room, but he screamed until 10:30.  Yes, he’s stubborn.  Probably the most stubborn person I have ever met.  Geric ended up laying down with him and he fell asleep in a few minutes. 

Today I’m on the hunt for those homeopathic sleep aids Erin Graham 🙂 told me about.  But I’m really just hoping a nd praying that this is a phase, a short phase and one day soon he’ll just pop out of it.

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