Obama Night

Great minds think alike, eh Mind!?

The night before the inauguration, we had family night and the theme was Obama Night!  Like Mindi said, I didn’t vote for him… surprise!  But I do know that any President deserves respect (and on that note and I think that it was a little uncalled for that people applauded George Bush leaving Washington and said things like, “Yah, get out of here!”, but I digress.)  This inauguration and presidency may just be one of the most historical moments in the making during our lifetime, so I definitely think we should pause and reflect on that.  And I totally want my kids exposed to stuff like this and I want them to know what’s going on the world around them.  That said…

That afternoon we made flags out of craft stuff I had around the house and I showed Caden pictures of Obama on the internet and told him about being president.  It was a good teaching moment.  He now knows the name of our president (Obama), where he lives (the white house), and what he says (Yes we can!), but that’s only because Obama totally ripped that off from Builder Bob.  He probably got the idea for that slogan from one of his daughters! 🙂

From Obama Night
From Obama Night

We all dressed in red, white, and blue and Geric decorated the eating area with balloons and streamers.

From Obama Night


From Obama Night

For dinner we ate Obama’a Chili (it’s a family recipe I found online, and I’m sure it’s authentic.)  It was pretty good.  Different, kinda sweet.  And for dessert I found Michelle Obama’s recipe for apple crisp.  That was amazing.  I’m telling you, these first ladies know how to bake!


From Obama Night

After dinner we painted pots because we were going to plant flowers, one for hope and one for change. 


From Obama Night

I look tired.

From Obama Night

I know these were his key words during the campaign and I fully believe that our country needs some hope and some change.  However, I don’t think that hope and that change is going to come from our President.  I mean, he’s just a man.  I think true hope and true change only comes from Jesus.  I know, spiritual sappiness, but it’s true.  So, on that note we prayed for our President.  He has a huge responsibilty and and a lot of weight placed on him.  We pray that the Lord leads him and guides him and helps him make good decisions for our country.


2 responses

  1. I shutter to think what Obama night would have looked like at my house. I think it would have been more Robin Hood than presidential though. I’ve already informed my dear hubby that I refuse to listen to each thing during the next four years that he doesn’t agree with. I am instituting a “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” rule regarding politics.

    The Bob the Builder line cracked me up by the way.

  2. I think that’s awesome sis… and Yes we can!!! 🙂
    Ger likes like Aunt Jemima 🙂 Love you and think you are great with your family nights!

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