Boy Night In, Girls Night Out

Last Monday I needed a break… desperately.  As in, I had a minor meltdown of my own on Sunday afternoon, so Geric quickly offered to take over Monday night so I could get out of here!  Thank God for my husband!!!

But, the dilemma was that Monday night is Family Night!  Not to worry.  The theme quickly changed from Chinese New Year to Boys Night In, Girls Night Out.  I got the essentials for a good boys night in while I was running errands…


Costco pizza and root beer.


They seemed to be enjoying it, so I bolted for the door, and didn’t look back.  I was slightly giddy when I reached the car and almost took a picture of myself so you could see the pure glee on my face.  But I didn’t.  I threw the car in reverse and got out of there before anyone changed their minds!

I met Alisha at CPK for some yummy pizza and then we went and saw Bride Wars.  It was perfect… mindless girly entertainment (the movie, not Alisha, she’s actually quite stimulating.)  Just what I needed.


I think I need to do this more often, lest I go crazy.  Anyone want to join next time?

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  1. I hear you! I had tons of friends over yesterday during the game and didn’t get a conversation with any of them. I was mommied to death. I actually won the final quarter of our Superbowl Pool, but I did not see one play, one commercial, or any of half time. But I did have a Girl’s Night on Friday so I’m not complaining, just sharing. 🙂

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