Valentine’s Week

Normally I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day.  It was a big deal when I was single and dating, but once I got married, not so much.  I think that’s mostly because our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple was a bust, BIG TIME!  (Hint to husbands:  Always get your wife SOMETHING for Valentine’s Day, even a card is nice, just something so she knows you thought of her.)  But that was five years ago and Valentine’s Day has gotten better, but I never really get my expectations too high, and it’s all good.  I was actually considering joining the fight against the Hallmark Holiday this year, but then the ladies at my MOPS table inspired me.  So we spent a week celebrating this year!  HA!

Monday is always Family Night, so the theme of course was Valentine’s Day and LOVE!!  We baked a heart shaped cookie to eat for our dessert and decorated our dining room area with hearts and red balloons and streamers.


Geric helped the boys make Valentine’s (they mostly just scribbled on red paper) while I cooked dinner.


We ate heart shaped turkey burgers, heart shaped mashed potatoes and asparagus.


After dinner we sent the boys on a treasure hunt to find their Valentine’s gifts.  They had a lot of fun running around the house.  They finally found their big box in the laundry room.  I had put their gifts (a big chocolate kiss and heart shaped balloons) on the bottom and covered them up with boring old red and white balloons, and they thought those were the best thing ever.  Note to self:  Don’t buy presents anymore, just fill a box with balloons.  🙂


During the rest of the week we did a few little things.  We made Valentine’s cards for all the grandparents and aunts and uncles.  Caden dictated everything and I wrote it all down.  He came up with some funny stuff.  For my mom and dad he said something like, “I like to help put him clothes in him dryer.  I like to help her get her machine workin'” He was talking about her embroidery machine.  I thought it was funny because it sounds like all they do is put him to work over there… but I know better.  Yesterday we made Valentine cookies for all the children’s workers at church. 

On Friday I got a flower delivery and the card was signed, “Happy Valentine’s Day.  Love, your first Valentine.”  It was from my dad!  How sweet, right?  (Note to husbands:  Do this for your daughter when she gets older.  She’ll love it!)

Geric and I celebrated on Friday and, unexpectedly, on Saturday.  We went out to Bucca di Beppo on Friday and the boys ended up spending the night at Geric’s mom’s house because we were going to go to a movie, but once we started driving to the theater we got really tired and the thought of sleeping in out own bed without and interruptions and early wake up calls was really enticing, so we went home and went to sleep!!!  How boring can we get??  But it was lovely!  So, last night after church I brought the kids home and put them to bed while Geric picked up some of our favorites from CPK.  We had a candlelit dinner in our own home.  It was really sweet.  We should definitely do that more often.

So, I think I’ve officially become a Valentine’s Day cheeseball, but we had so much fun with it this year! Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day and got to spend some time with the ones you LOVE!!!


3 responses

  1. Your family nights are so inspiring! I was thinking of you when my daughter and I were cutting out hearts to decorate with, and was wondering what your family would be doing. Thanks for always showing us how much fun you have together.

  2. I have the cutest nephews EVER!!! One question… Why is Geric always asleep at the dinner table? 🙂 HA! You are such a good Mom, Sis! Heart shaped food and all! Those boys are lucky 🙂 Love you!

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