The best thing about my hood

Since the Whites have left Riverside, I have been forced to find a new favorite thing about my beloved city.  Honestly, it was a toss up between the place where the 60, 91, and 215 meet because it gets all bunched up and you can give a friendly wave to your neighbor OR all the extremely long, extremely loud, and extremely slow trains that go through town and stop traffic, once again allowing you to give a neighborly nod to a fellow driver. 

But then I thought, no wait, we really love Mt. Rubidoux, I mean, really.  (I’m not being sarcastic anymore.)    It’s really cool because we totally live in the suburbs, but you go five minutes down the road and you’re hiking up a mountain feeling all naturey and outdoorsy and all that.  It’s totally a fun little family outing.  Here’s some pictures from our little adventure a few weeks ago when the weather was gorgeous and I could wear a tank top.

See the cross at the top? That’s our destination.
Getting closer…
Practically there…
We made it!
The view of downtown Riverside.
Our house is somewhere over there.
Now for some cute kids!!!
Caden did a little rock climbing.
Jacob was a little aprehensive about leaving the stroller, which is so out of character for him.
Eventually he went climbing too.




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