Family Night: Rainy Day Schedule

(I got a card reader for only $8!  Thanks for the suggestion Beckie!  And thanks for the offer, Jane, but we have a Sony something or other.)

Last Monday I was inspired by the rain, so our theme for family night was “Rainy Day Schedule.”  If you are or ever were a teacher your stomach probably ties itself in knots at the mere mention of those words, but we actually had a really good time.

During the day, I got the boys all decked out in some winter wear and we headed outside to play in the rain.  (Stef, it totally reminded me of the day we tested out our winter gear in the field!)  Unfortunately, it was pouring like cats and dogs during naptime, but when they woke up, blue skies were smiling at us.  But they had fun jumping in a giant puddle on our driveway.  Jacob actually laid in it and started lapping up the water like he was a dog.  Crazy kid!

DSC03452 by you.

DSC03455 by you.

DSC03457 by you.

DSC03458 by you.

(Please ignore the Christmas lights…. we’ve been busy, okay?)

DSC03463 by you.

My dad thinks Jacob looks like a terrorist in his new jacket and hat.  I can’t disagree.  Look at that last picture!

When we came in they were pretty chilly, so they took a bubble bath.  Once again, they both tried to eat the bubbles.  I don’t understand why they refuse to eat regular food, like vegetables, but they both scarf up puddle water, bath bubbles, and dirt.  Weird.

DSC03467 by you.

For dinner we had homemade soup and english muffins.  See?  They wouldn’t eat this!  Maybe they were full from all the puddles and bubbles.

DSC03479 by you.

Then we built a fort in our playroom and laid inside to watch a movie.  It was cozy.  I told Caden he could have hot chocolate, so I put some in a sippy cup!

DSC03480 by you.

DSC03483 by you.

DSC03485 by you.

So much fun!  I think we’re always going to go outside when it rains.  It was a blast!  And who cares if they get wet and cold?  That’s what warm baths are for, right?  🙂

For a preview of this week’s family night, check out Heather’s blog!


3 responses

  1. Parenting girls and boys is so different. Encouraging puddle jumping, not so much. Who knows, maybe I can pretend they are boys when the the weather turns from snow to rain.

  2. That looks like so much fun. I’ll have to steal some of your ideas.

    P.S. Glad to see we weren’t the only one’s to have our Christmas lights up in February. Oh wait… ours are still up 😦

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