What Have I DONE????

Jacob’s hair has been getting kinda funky for awhile now. The top was nice and long and cute, but the back… my word, the BACK!  It was frizzy and mullety and just all wrong.  So, I had this brilliant idea of using the clippers on the back to make it short and keeping the top long, because I like that look and I thought he could totally pull it off.  Well, that was a really bad idea. 

The clipper guard I used on the back made it way too short so leaving the top long just looked weird so I thought I HAD to trim the top, so I thought I’d use the largest clipper guard, which even though it is the largest one, makes one’s hair extremely short.  So, I totally gave my kid a terrible buzz cut.  It’s awful and makes my stomach hurt when I look at him because I remember the cute hair he had less than 24 hours ago.  I know, it’s just hair, it’ll grow back, but still…

DSC03542 by you.

DSC03539 by you.

So I went out and bought him a new pair of shoes.  That always makes me feel better.

DSC03540 by you.


One response

  1. I bet it will grow in so well and so fast. When I butchered Aubrey’s bangs it took nearly 5 months to get back what I took a way, but this is totally different. You’ll see, by Easter you won’t even remember this.

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