Dinosaur Family Night

Last Monday night our theme for family night was dinosaurs.  I stole a couple of ideas from Heather, but I had a few of my own, too. 

During the day the boys wore their dinosaur t-shirts while we ran errands.   And while we were out, I found dinosaur coloring books for 75 cents each, so we bought a couple of those.  Caden colored.  Jacob snacked on crayons.

DSC03498 by you.

DSC03500 by you.

When Geric got home we got dressed up like cavemen and a cavewoman.  Geric wouldn’t get in the picture and Caden refused to take off his dino t-shirt, so here’s me and Jacob.  Don’t I look nice?  I was lookin’ so good I was sure some caveman was bound to come along and club me over the head and drag me back to his cave!

DSC03506 by you.

For dinner we ate dinnosaur eggs and for the leaf eaters we had some leaves.

DSC03505 by you.

While the boys were napping during the day, I made these dinosuar feet out of pasta boxes and craft foam.  It’s amazing what can be done with a glue gun!  So after dinner they put their dinosaur feet on and had a race.

DSC03510 by you.

DSC03511 by you.

(There’s Ger in his caveman attire… shhhhhhh, don’t tell him!)

DSC03512 by you.

After the races Geric read “Can I Have a Tyrannosaurus Rex Dad?” to Caden while Jacob helped me get dessert ready.

DSC03517 by you.

Then we had dessert.  Homemade chocolate lava cakes.  Mmmmmmmmm!

DSC03521 by you.

If you’re not doing this with your family yet, what are you waiting for???  It’s not hard.  You can totally steal my ideas.  (They aren’t all mine!)  And it’s so much fun!  Think of all the memories you’d be making!


5 responses

  1. I love the dino feet!!! I am not doing this with my family yet, but I will, soon. We are in the throws of “Family Movie Night” where we watch a movie all together. The kids love it and it is a special time. Maybe when the weather changes over I can start up a more complex theme.

  2. I love your family nights! You do a great job with them. You have inspired me to do some themed days for the kids (but not as all-out as you go). Thanks for all of the ideas!

  3. I feel they ARE too much work . . . every single week????? But I do admire your family nights. We’ll see. I can start small, and see what happens. Hmmmmm . . . . maybe we’ll do something St. Patty’s Day related this month. See, I’m trying!

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