We’ve lived in our house for two and a half years now, and the yard (both front and back) have left something to be desired.  We haven’t done much mostly because of the ongoing battle with the gophers, but seeing as we have won the war and the rodents have vacated the premises, we thought it was due time to spruce the place up.

DAY 1:

After researching plants that are native to our area and deciding on which ones I wanted and how many we would need (yadda, yadda, yadda) we spent most of the morning at Home Depot.  Oh, how I love Home Depot.  I truly, truly do.  I could wander the aisles for hours and daydream of all the home improvment projects we could take on.  My husband… not so much.  So I made a list before we left, but we still spent awhile picking out the perfect plants.

So we (I mean, I, but I’ll say we to be nice) got home and weeded the side area and Geric dug a big hole to plant our new orange tree!!!

DSC03486 by you.

DSC03487 by you.

DSC03488 by you.

DSC03491 by you.

DSC03490 by you.

DAY 2:

We finished up planting the rest of our plants and weeded a little more and planted a little more.

DSC03528 by you.

DSC03526 by you.

The grand finale!!

DSC03535 by you.

DSC03532 by you.


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